Rooted in the Land Carving

The Farley Center Tree Carving Project is a collaborative effort.  A storm destroyed an oak tree, but left behind a 10-foot-tall trunk.  This created the opportunity for a collaborative art installation.  The trunk has been divided by three carved vines into panels.  Each panel is an opportunity for an artist to use and transform by carving, painting or attaching works of art.

As the oak is rooted in the land, we chose the theme of Rooted in the Land for the tree carving project.

For 2021, I chose to reproduce the Burr Oak from the Welcome Center on a large front facing panel. Trees have a root system that is unseen, but is as extended in the ground as the top is in the air.  I have carved the Burr Oak in relief above the ground line and the roots are incised below.  I also used thinned acrylic paints and linseed oil. 

Which is the more important part, the seen or the unseen? Really the tree is an interdependent system.  Some ask if the earth is more important than the people or are people more important than the earth.  Are we not also interdependent and part of a system of life?

Our lives are rooted in the land. 






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