Two Book Retreats

Nature and its Artist

Tiny Art Show

We have been in La Crosse now for about 5 months. So, it was fun to join the La Crosse Public Library’s “Tiny Art Show”. All participants were given a 3 inch by 3-inch canvas and acrylic paints.

After taking a walk in the new neighborhood, I decided to paint a slice of life scene.

The final results are on display as of February 8. Dorp by and check it out. Here is my final piece.

“On the Fence”, David E. Carlson, 1/2022


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About Me

“…the universe is before our eyes like a beautiful book in which all creatures great and small are a letters to make us ponder the invisible things of God.” Here I want to explore the Two Books: the World around us and the Word within us. I am an artist and a writer, and recently retired from pastoral work. My name is Dave.


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