MMSD Marsh

The Madison sewage district works to manage water flowage to support marsh life on the S. Side.

Today I took a walk and encountered swallows maneuvering over the green algae covered water, fiesty redwings, a dramatic killdeer, gold finches, Canadian geese, black duck with ducklings in tow, three kinds of dragonflies and a white moth.

Tree Carving Article

Here is an article from the Verona paper on the Farley Tree Carving.

The Life of a Seed


The acorn results in the oak. 

They are not the same, but there is continuity.

The red of the acorn remains but is fractured and faded in the bark. 

The small and smooth becomes tall and rough. 

The oak has become a host for vines and lichen.


This is for a show entitled “The Life of a Seed” at Christ Presbyterian Church, Madison, WI.  This was scheduled for Lent and Easter, but will be installed and remain in place after the Covid-19 Stay at Home restrictions are relieved.

Both pieces are carved in basswood and painted in acrylics.




Progress on “Oak”

I’m making up the process as I go. Using photo reference transferred with graphite paper, I set in the deep crevices. Bark is rough, so I have to avoid the temptation to smooth things out. Next I textured the surface with a small u shaped gouge. Now I will come in and create intermediate sized crevices and clean up the two vines. That will be as far as I can go with carving. After that will be painting.

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