Dragonfly – a Sample Journal Page


I was recently on a spiritual retreat in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  I took an hour one morning to watch a single dragonfly.  I had never spent that much time with a bug before.  Here is a copy of the page I recorded that day.


“There is a dragonfly, about 1 ½ inches in length, brown/green in color with metallic green eyes and almost invisible wings.  It has markings along the tail.  He seems to patrol a ten foot section of the edge of the pond.  Sometimes he is about 6 inches over the water, facing the shore. HE goes from side to side and in squared off circles.  He will elevate to about three feet at times and then lower again to six inches.  Occasionally he darts to capture a bug. Often he chases rival dragon flies out of the area.  There are some bugs of no interest – water bugs and butterflies.  Another smaller bug patrols the water and dives into the water, but he pays no attention.  I am not sure what he eats, because his attack is too quick to see. He prefers the sunshine and moves with the sun/shade line.  Sometimes he flies across the crushed rock of the parking lot, but returns to the pond.  He tilts forward in hovering in a way that makes me think of military attack helicopters, even to his color.  The tail is 2x the length of the body with stripes of dark and light color. The wingspan is about the same as the length. They are transparent double wings.

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