Category: Nature

  • MMSD Marsh

    MMSD Marsh

    The Madison sewage district works to manage water flowage to support marsh life on the S. Side. Today I took a walk and encountered swallows maneuvering over the green algae covered water, fiesty redwings, a dramatic killdeer, gold finches, Canadian geese, black duck with ducklings in tow, three kinds of dragonflies and a white moth.


  • Parfrey’s Glen

    We returned to a favorite place, which is rougher than it once was before a flood swept away what had been a trail. We were looking for ephemerals. We found a few, and rocks!

  • Earth Dance 2019

    Earth Dance 2019

    My participation in the Earth Dance 2019 environmental art show is to continue to work on the Farley Tree Project. The tree is a 10 foot trunk of a fallen oak tree.  After some planning, we settled on using carved vines to divide the tree surface into distinct panels that artists can use to create […]

  • Sanctuary Show

    It has been great to see Barry Sherbeck’s photographs of the Sanctuary environmental art exhibit. This is currently on display at the Overture Center in Madison, WI. Here is a Link to the exhibition.

  • Volunteer of the Month – March 2018

    Read here to see the article a the Farley Center. I am the volunteer of the month for March 2018 –  Sanctuary 2017 – “Wooded Home”

  • Wooded Home – Sanctuary 2017

      At a rental cabin up north we noticed peculiar birds climbing down the trees – the nut hatch.  That family like mine found rest and security in our woodland homes. We had rented a hillside cabin for a week’s rest.  It was a rambling house set into the hill. The owners appeared to be […]

  • The Sanctuary 

    I’m participating in an environmental art installation project. Here is a hint of what I will be creating

  • Blue Heron

    Blue Heron

    It started with a summer storm.  Severe winds tore through the East side of Madison and downed a number of trees.  Three of these were saved and taken to the Urban Wood Fest to show how fallen wood can be saved and used.    That is where I acquired a slab of ash.  This tree came […]

  • Parfrey’s Glen – again

    We are very fond of Parfrey’s Glen, which is close to Devils Lake in Wisconsin.  Years ago we took the kids along a very developed trail.  Six years ago a flood came through and demolished most of the trail up the riverbed.  Now it is a bit of a challenge but a more natural environment. […]

  • 2 Hour Tour – Horicon Marsh

    We took a boat trip in the Horicon Marsh for my birthday.  There were a couple of highlights, an eagles nest, swallows chasing an osprey, and all on a perfect bit of weather.