Category: Urban Environment

  • MMSD Marsh

    MMSD Marsh

    The Madison sewage district works to manage water flowage to support marsh life on the S. Side. Today I took a walk and encountered swallows maneuvering over the green algae covered water, fiesty redwings, a dramatic killdeer, gold finches, Canadian geese, black duck with ducklings in tow, three kinds of dragonflies and a white moth.


  • Blue Heron

    Blue Heron

    It started with a summer storm.  Severe winds tore through the East side of Madison and downed a number of trees.  Three of these were saved and taken to the Urban Wood Fest to show how fallen wood can be saved and used.    That is where I acquired a slab of ash.  This tree came […]

  • Urban Forest Fest – Saturday July 26

    I’ll be there with other people who work with, carve, cut, and know about wood.  Wood is Good! Urban Forest Fest    

  • Not Just Nature

    On an urban orientation to Chicago, our guide said this: “Everything you see in the city was put there on purpose.” It is less obvious but just as fruitful to think of what you can learn from the urban environment.  What we make as those made in the image of the creator says a lot about […]