Nature – Scripture – Art

Nature Scripture Art

Creating a place for reflection and renewal.

The events we offer will relate to one or more of these three areas.

  • Nature, by which we mean all of the natural world around us including human interaction, both good and bad.
  • Scripture, by which we mean the Christian Scriptures which include the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament.)
  • Art, which we define broadly so as to include the disciplines of seeing and expressing in a multitude of styles, materials and levels of ability.

The Bridges over the Yahara class includes art, nature and scripture, with a strong emphasis on the art of watercolor.

Drawing from Creation  is a weekend retreat which will have a greater emphasis on scripture.  We will study passages on the creation and purpose of the world as is expressed in a variety of Biblical passages. We will use art to express our responses to the text in a personal journal.

In this diagram the areas of study are labeled:


Nature is represented by the green circle, art by the purple and scripture by the gold.  Each event can be located  at any of the points of this diagram.

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