the universe is a book…

  • Progress on “Oak”

    I’m making up the process as I go. Using photo reference transferred with graphite paper, I set in the deep crevices. Bark is rough, so I have to avoid the temptation to smooth things out. Next I textured the surface with a small u shaped gouge. Now I will come in and create intermediate sized […]


  • Carving during the virus

    Now, looking on the positive, there is time to work on carving progress. This is “Oak” the second piece in “The Life of a Seed”.

  • The life of a seed

    I’ve been invited to participate in a show for Lent and Easter with the title, “The Life of a Seed”. Part one is an acorn in relief. Part two is a segment of an oak tree. This is before and after. Acorn will hang during Lent at Christ Presbyterian Church in Madison. The show will […]

  • Architectural carving

    Working on blocks to fill 8 places where beams intersect the wall.

  • More watercolor

    Continued projects

  • More watercolor workshop

  • Winter work

    I received a very useful book on watercolor painting. It has a number of exercises. Here are some I’ve been trying.

  • Late summer

  • Earth Dance 2019

    Earth Dance 2019

    My participation in the Earth Dance 2019 environmental art show is to continue to work on the Farley Tree Project. The tree is a 10 foot trunk of a fallen oak tree.  After some planning, we settled on using carved vines to divide the tree surface into distinct panels that artists can use to create […]

  • Looking around town

    “Nature” is not far away from us in the city. In these pictures from our yard and from a walk downtown, nature is hard to avoid.

Got any book recommendations?