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  • Journal Making Class

    Erin and I attended a journal making class in La Crosse on Saturday, October 18.  This is designed to integreate art into science instruction.  We made one journal out of a cereal box and practiced taking field notes in that one.  We drew leaves we found outside and we drew a pigeon feather.  Next we […]


  • Two Book Retreats

    Creating a place for reflection and renewal. The events we offer will relate to one or more of these three areas. Nature, by which we mean all of the natural world around us including human interaction, both good and bad. Scripture, by which we mean the Christian Scriptures which include the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament.) Art, […]

  • Bridges Class is Set to Go – Friday, May 17

    We are glad to say that the first Two Book Retreat event will have a class of at least 7, which is a great size.  We do have room for a couple more in case you are siting on the fence. Nancy Macgregor is an excellent teacher and she is bringing with her a number […]

  • Internet Class Discount

    Like us onFacebook   and get $5 off of the class price.  Yes there is room, but we have enough students to start.  The Weather is promising.

  • Bridges over the Yahara Class – May 17 to June 21

    In collaboration with artist Nancy Macgregor (www.nancymacgregor.com) there will be an outdoor watercolor class that meets along the Yahara River in Madison.  We are going to look and listen to the Word at the start and the Wold for the remainder of the course.

  • Two Book Retreats

    We want to create an opportunity to combine the areas of Scriptural study and the Arts. We want this to be for everyone, not only for professional artists and scholars. We hold that God reveals himself in Scripture in a specific way and Nature in a general way. We want to emphasize the main stream of the […]