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  • Rooted in the Land Carving

    The Farley Center Tree Carving Project is a collaborative effort.  A storm destroyed an oak tree, but left behind a 10-foot-tall trunk.  This created the opportunity for a collaborative art installation.  The trunk has been divided by three carved vines into panels.  Each panel is an opportunity for an artist to use and transform by […]


  • Earth Dance 2019

    Earth Dance 2019

    My participation in the Earth Dance 2019 environmental art show is to continue to work on the Farley Tree Project. The tree is a 10 foot trunk of a fallen oak tree.¬† After some planning, we settled on using carved vines to divide the tree surface into distinct panels that artists can use to create […]

  • Volunteer of the Month – March 2018

    Read here to see the article a the Farley Center. I am the volunteer of the month for March 2018 – ¬†Sanctuary 2017 – “Wooded Home”

  • The Sanctuary¬†

    I’m participating in an environmental art installation project. Here is a hint of what I will be creating